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Turning Pro!

Turning Pro!

Professional figure skating has a rich, colorful and deep history, one that I want to help preserve and pass along to future generations.

The 20th century provided the world with some of the best one-of-a-kind skating spectaculars, from films to tours to TV specials – all contributing to the American culture.

When Tai and I turned pro, our first big contract was with the Ice Capades. We toured 30 weeks per year for three years. Turning pro taught us the true meaning of hard work, but in the end we were able to perfect our craft and move into other fields of skating.

Here are some other skating champions that toured when they first turned professional and the shows that they did:

  • Dorothy Hamill – Ice Capades
  • Scott Hamilton – Ice Capades
  • Peggy Fleming – Ice Follies
  • Barbara Ann Scott – Ice Capades
  • Kristi Yamaguchi – Stars On Ice
  • Ryan Bradley – Stars On Ice
  • Gary Visconti – Holiday On Ice
  • Robin Cousins – Holiday On Ice
  • Kitty and Peter Carruthers – Ice Capades
  • Evan Lysacek – Stars On Ice

The Pro Skating Historical Foundation has the perfect mission in preserving our professional skating history.



  1. I started skating because I saw an Ice Capades when I was a
    kid, and they made skaters look like “stars”. Later, I was in it,
    which actually was, for me, a lot more fun than competing
    and testing. I’m teaching skating now, so the whole process
    has gone on a long time. I do an annual club show, that I
    love to do. I think it is a huge loss for skaters nowadays
    that they don’t have the big production shows to see, or
    have that as a reward at the end of their amateur careers.
    Current skaters are great, but they don’t last in the spotlight
    as long as they used to, and few get the star buildup of the
    old shows, so they can become media personalities later.

    • Mark, I agree. The pro career can be so short now. Tai’s and my career was much longer than our amateur one. In fact, people got to know us better as pros and see us more than as amateurs. Hopefully, more opportunities will come soon for pro skaters.

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