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“Their Competitive Record Still Stands” by Tai Babilonia

“Their Competitive Record Still Stands” by Tai Babilonia

Tai and Randy 1979

If I were to write everything I’d like to about this photo it would be twenty pages long.

I’ll just give bullet points of what went into this World Championship performance.  Anyone who was around us at this time will absolutely get it!

Family support, Mr. Nicks, Terry Rudolph, Ice Capades Chalet in Santa Monica, ballet, running, weight lifting, double run through’s, Mrs. Fox (costume maker) Mr. Mosler (sponsor) , Chuck De More & George Yonekura (USFS team leaders) and my good luck rosary beads from my grandmother.

I think every competitive figure skater has had one or two of those performances where everything just clicked.  It’s like you have wings on your feet and this was definitely our “out of body experience” moment!

If you watch the ABC footage, you’ll see as we are coming off the ice we hug & embrace. That was a first for us and it  happened so naturally even though we were tired (but not really).  I can’t explain it and I won’t even try, but it just all worked!

Some very special things happened to us after we won, but something very personal for me was that before we got our scores, I looked up and saw my father who was in the press booth with his camera, of course, and he was crying.  I had never ever seen tears in my father’s eyes.   I hold that moment close to my heart.  We also have the ice that we performed on given to us by Mr. Mosler. He brilliantly got the frozen shavings from the zamboni pit and had them put in lovely baccarat decanters which both Randy & I still have & cherish to this day.

The beautiful royal blue costumes we wore were displayed at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. in the early 80’s.  Such an honor!  And a few days ago I called the museum just to check to see that our costumes were safe & being taken care of.  I’m sure they are and I’ll keep you posted!

P.S. I also got my first hug from Mr. Nicks right after I came off the ice. Priceless!


  1. One of the best performances in skating history! Your technical perfection along with brilliant artistry earned the 6.0. Team USA was lucky to have Tai and Randy represent them. Best pair team ever!!

  2. I was there…so proud of you then…AND now, as I watch you both grow into generous, supportive and caring pros who are still giving back to the skating community! Love you guys!!! xoxo

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