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Randy’s Spin-Feb. 2014

Come From A Place Of Yes!

I get a lot questions about the future of figure skating.  I like to keep a positive outlook on the sport and the athletes in it and contribute in any way I can to perpetuate the future of skating.  I choreograph, coach, mentor, produce ice shows, open ice rinks, have this website and app, and so on and so forth.

But then, I was approached this last fall to do something that I had never done before.  It was something that I had always thought about doing and something that others had said I should do, but the timing just never seemed right.

I like working with kids, their parents, relatives and their friends. Young, new skaters are in such awe of skating, the ice they glide on, the skates they wear and the speed in which they can generate to zoom past the loving onlookers standing along side the edge of the ice rink.  So, in November 2013, I developed and launched the Randy Gardner School Of Skating.

The school was to become the new learn-to-skate program at ICE At Santa Monica, the beautiful outdoor seasonal ice rink in Santa Monica, California, where thousands of visitors strap on skates during the days and nights of the winter-holiday months where the average temperature is 70 degrees mid-day!

I jumped at the opportunity because this was going to be an exciting new project for me, produced by my company along side Downtown Santa Monica, Inc, and one that would keep me focused on the future generation of skaters, hire and work with great coaches (most of whom came onboard, thankfully, with just one phone call) and something that I could proudly call my own and not to mention I could get to work in just 10 minutes!

So off we went, my staff and I, to open the school November 9, 2013; scheduling, curriculum, enrollment, buying merchandise and setting up recitals.  We had children of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and personalities.  We had parents skating side-by-side with their kids during class.  I saw the first spin happen, the first waltz jump.

We pretty much sold out in the classes and private lessons where we had to on some weeks call in extra coaches to handle the over-flow of enrollment.  (Yeah, now I’m bragging.)

But, now the school has had its run for ten weeks (the rink has closed for the season), but I’m thinking back at all the exciting faces on the kids, the parents cheering them on, the shy ones not even making it around the rink once and the tears and fears from some of the younger ones.

As I made assessments of some the skaters in class this season, I caught myself asking, “Will she be the next “It” girl (Gracie Gold)?,” or “Will he storm through the door and be the new young, creative man on the team (Jason Brown)?,” or “Are these two on their way to becoming world champions (Meryl and Charlie)?”

We never know what the future holds, but we do know that we can be a part of it and help shape the lives of young people; skaters, students or any kid doing whatever it is that they love to do.

All’s you have to do is just come from a place of, “Yes!”


The Coaches: Lisa Capri, Roxette Howe, Ben Blandford

The Coaches: Lisa Capri, Roxette Howe, Ben Blandford


Coach Roxette Gets It Going

Coach Roxette Gets It Going


Coach Ben Shows Weaves and Curves During Class

Coach Ben Shows Weaves and Curves During Class


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  1. It was an amazing experience teaching at your skating school and am honored that you chose me to be a part of it! Looking forward to reprising in November.

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